H6 Stars in RACV Running Costs Survey


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The HAVAL H6 has been rewarded for its outstanding value for money in the Royal Auto Club of Victoria’s annual Running Costs Survey.

HAVAL H9 Melbourne to Mildura

RACV’s annual running costs survey is based on empirical data that goes beyond the cost of driving a car to the actual real-world cost of owning one.

The survey uses data including fuel, servicing, insurance, registration, insurance, interest on loan repayments, and depreciation over five years to calculate a weekly running figure for each vehicle.


“We always knew the H6….offered outstanding value for money,”

In the medium SUV segment, the new HAVAL H6 finished second overall, costing $190.59 per week to own. That put it ahead of rivals from brands boasting long histories such as Ford, Mitsubishi, Kia, Honda, Nissan, Subaru and Hyundai.

“We always knew the H6 – like every model in the HAVAL range – offered outstanding value for money,” said HAVAL Australia Managing Director Koma Li.

“It’s very satisfying to have an organisation as trusted as the RACV recognise the value in their annual running costs survey.”

Full results published in the RACV Magazine (Royal Auto)  and on the RACV Website

Best Selling Cars Blog

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