Roadside Assistance

Nobody likes the idea of customers stranded by the side of the road, and we are no exception.

Your safety and hassle-free HAVAL driving experience is of paramount importance to us at all times. That’s why HAVAL offers you roadside assist cover for 5 years/100,000 kilometres on all new HAVAL vehicles.  This nationwide service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Key services offered include*:

  • Changing of flat tyres
  • Provision of sufficient fuel to enable the vehicle to be driven to the nearest fuel station when you’ve run out of fuel.
  • Jump-start a flat battery or battery replacement
  • Arranging for access to the vehicle, or the delivery of your vehicles spare key, or a locksmith attendance, or a tow where the key has been lost or stolen or locked inside the vehicle of up to $100 (including GST).
  • Minor roadside repairs where it is safe and possible to do so at roadside.
  • Breakdown towing to the nearest HAVAL approved dealer or Assist Australia service provider facility.
  • A one-way taxi ride of up to $50 (including GST) in the event that a covered vehicle is cleared for towing.
  • Urgent message relay to family, friends and colleagues.
HAVAL Roadside Assist

Access Roadside Assistance

HAVAL Roadside Assistance services are delivered by Assist Australia, a leading provider of roadside assistance services to car manufacturer’s in Australia.

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To get you on your way again as quickly as possible please have the following information at hand when making a call:

  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Your name and location
  • If possible a contact number; and
  • A brief description of the problem

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